Bahya Deco

Orders - FAQ

How to get a quote? ?

To request a quote , thank you to write to us at : Send us the exact area to be tiled (to which we will add a margin for cuts ), the type of installation ( floor or wall ) and your postal address and we will send you a quotation as soon as possible. 

Or send us your achievement after Simulator by clicking on "Save/estimate" on the bottom left and tell us your postal address.

What are the rates ?

Our prices vary depending on the number of colors per design: from £75/ sqm exVAT for plain 20 * 20 cm to £110HT / sqm for a pattern in the same format, worked in 6 colors. To this is added the cost of delivery, varying the quantity and location of the site.

What are the deadlines ?

We have set up a schedule of shipments from Morocco to France. It is necessary to plan to close the order approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the date of the departure of Morocco, in order to benefit from the corresponding expedition. 

# Departure from Morocco on July 19th - Delivery from July 31st - Order before June 20th

# Departure from Morocco on August 23rd - Delivery from August 40th - Order before July 20th

# Departure from Morocco on September 20th - Delivery from September 27th - Order before August 20th

Which thickness for the tiles ?

We exclusively produce tiles made of 16 mm for the ground. Glue representing 3 to 4 mm, there must be a reserve of about 2 cm. For walls, as the material is heavy , we work reduced to 12 mm thick. 

I can not find the pattern of my dreams on yoir website?

Feel free to send us pictures of the desired tiles. We have over 150 dividers in the workshop and can probably make your selection. We may also create new molds, so as to repeat old tiles or making tiles on-measure , from a drawing, a logo ... Our craftsmen will then be attached to carefully realise your custom decorative project. 

Clients' own design

Is there a minimum order ?

The minimum order quantity for a same pattern in the same colours combination is 12 floor tiles ( 0.48 m2) and 16 tiles to the wall (equivalent to 0.64 m2). 

Do you have stock ?

To date, we do not have stock but allow each customer to customize its tiles. Our simulator gives you the freedom to combine twenty pattrens to our palette of 72 colours. 

Can we lay cement tiles in a shower ?

Laying cement tiles , including floor shower, is a difficult exercise, we do not recommend . The craftsman will make a fine miter cuts, intended to create a slope and facilitate the flow of water. Furthermore, in terms of maintenance , this type of installation is delicate in the limestone areas where traces of water will become problematic, any product including acid limescale is prohibited. The addition of a water softener may nevertheless be a solution to this risk . In all cases , we advise you to get closer to your contractor for advice on the issue. 

Can we lay cement tiles on the outside ?

It is possible to lay cement tiles, outdoors, in areas requiring low frost and no acid rains. Furthermore, the shades of blue will tend to discolour in contact with UV. Therefore prefer sheltered areas and the hottest colors ( red, yellow ... ). 

Can I lay cement tiles in public places ?

The cement tiles are handmade, they are not qualified in any certification, including UPEC, often required for public works standards. It is however possible to ask them for decorative purposes on a counter for example or walls .