Bahya Deco

BAHYA's good addresses

Paris, Tangier


OB-LA-DI - 54 rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris

THE coffe shop of the Haut-Marais, decorated in the Californian looks, where to come to nibble at any time of the day. HQ of the Anglo-Saxons and hypsters, you will find greedy granolas, fresh fruit juice perfumed, home-made cakes there ... Everything is organic and delicious there!

Jean Hwang Carrant Cookies - 84 rue d'Aboukir 75002 Paris

Simply extraordinary cookies ! Macadamia nut, chocolate, sesame, caramel, rum and matcha green tea... All the ingredients were selected by the creator, Jean. An American woman fallen in love with Paris, for most great pleasure of our papillae!

Paris Céleste - 20 rue Choron 75009 Paris

Just a step from Montmartre, at the foot of the street of the Martyrs, the hosts of this family apartment open you their door for a cosy stay, in an atmosphere which mixes vintage and contemporary. Every detail of this room of 25 sqm with privative bathroom, was thought by the hostess, interior designer. Tél : +33 (0)6 15 07 32 21

Maison Meignan - 35 rue Violet 75015 Paris

The craft bakery, the den of the fine palates! Nested in the XVth district of Paris, protected from its history, the bakery of François Xavier Maignan opens its doors to any sorts of lover of the bread. Of the tradition well done in the golden baguette, you can enjoy number of special breads trained for the hand: bread of Gault, bread of spelt, all black or Pie of grindstone ...

Madame Pervenche - 9 rue Greneta 75003 Paris

An exceptional bar ! Chic, relaxed atmosphere, the best taste music, refined decor and a gold team. We just feel comfortable there and we want to spend a lot of time !


Le Boucan - 108 bd de Clichy 75018 Paris

"Racket , hullabaloo, bedlam, din ... The top colored cafe, where you can come with friends to crunch cheese with good bread !


Restaurant Nove - 9 rue de Charonne 75011 Paris

Welcome to Italy! Defender of the traditional Italian cooking, Nove chose to select only authentic and home-made products. The pizza is 100 % Italian, the flour, the tomatoes, the mozzarella di Bufala and even the pizza cooker. All the dishes are daily prepared on the spot with fresh products.

Le Petit Parisien - 17 rue du Vertbois 75003 Paris

This artisan baker makes traditional breads and pastries, using organic flours and quality products, carefully prepared on site. We salivate in front of the "tarte gourmande" and "choux à la crème" !!



La Villa Joséphine

Built in the early 1900s, the Villa Joséphine remains one of the most prestigious properties in the 'vieille montagne' area, over the Gibraltar's strait. Its historic has been signed by prestigious figures. The most famous of them was the British Walter Burton Harris, Times correspondent and author. 10 rooms and suites form this house, constructed in the middle of a somptuous tropical garden.

Le Nord Pinus

A very beautiful guesthouse that overlooks the Kasbah. Situated on the Portuguese fortification of the old surrounding wall in the Roman town Tingis, its extraordinary position creates a spectacular view of Tarifa and the Spanish coast, the Ocean and the Mediterranean sea. A haven of peace, where you can drink a glass on the patio at nightfall.

Le Salon Bleu

Very close to Nord Pinus, Le Salon Bleu also overlooks the bay. Perfect for lunch on the patio or tea with friends, this little house offers fresh and unexpected flavours. Mediterranean food at a reasonable price.

Las Chicas

The concept store where you will find coloured clothes and accessories, designed by inspired creators! The place has also a patio, with a particular vintage style !

Chabi chic

The cooking universe can be found in this little shop, located between the town centre and the medina. A place overflowing with colours, graphics, handmade table decorations, popular but chic utensils and delicatessen.


Dar Kawa

A fragrant bed of orange blossom , hand-made jam , massage ... The guest house Dar Kawa accumulates small pleasures , those who are so rooted in the Moroccan lifestyle . Here, we opt for the flavor and quality . The accuracy is sought in simplicity. Valerie Barkowski's property, you will find her refined world in a frame from the 17th century , between the place of spices and the Ben Youssef Madrasa . Handmade linen was of course conceived by her.

La Terrasse des épices

In the heart of the medina, la Terrasse des épices offers a perfect moment to relax. Decorated by Anne Favier and built on a huge patio, it offers a splendid panorama of the Atlas summits and the Koutoubia minaret. At nightfall, under the lights, the patio becomes truly enchanting, offering a family menu inspired from Europe and Morocco.

But before climbing to the terrace, let yourself be charmed by le Carré des créateurs : where refined brands mix Bohemian spirit and contemporary style.

L'Art du Bain

A range of soaps, handmade with the cold-saponification method, using natural ingredients: she-camel milk, honey, argan oil, ghassoul and aloe vera. The perfumes are delicious, the texture is particularly gentle and the packaging is lovely ... Consume without moderation !


A refined decoration, which mixes local materials and smart colours, a tasty cooking, an extra care service, a shop full of home accessories ... the café Nomad and its patio opened in the heart of the medina some months ago. Discover this place quickly !

Original Marrakech

Two Bretons exiled in Morocco decided to create a whole range of hats and baskets embroidered to measure. You choose the color of the thread, the inscription and a few minutes later, the embroiderer offers you the object to the colors of your humor, which you will carry proudly in the streets of the medina or somewhere else!

Le Palais Khum

A magical place in the tiny street of Dar El Bacha, that offers delight and serenity ... Its 11 rooms are modestly decorated, its gardens and patios are real refuges from this hectic area and its restaurant offers a menu that mixes Oriental perfumes and essences with refinement.

Le Kechmara

A location bursting with design in the Gueliz district, where you can taste a delicious international meal on the patio. Also showing exhibitions, the Kechmara is great value all day.


La Maisonnette

Direction southern Morocco , the city of Tinghir and Todra oasis in the foothills of the High Atlas. This is where lies the "Maisonette", an old building adobe built on a cliff above the palm grove, just before the beginning of the Protectorate . After two years of work, the view is still beautiful and the "Maisonette", restored with traditional materials of the area and a lot of elbow grease, welcomes lovers of ornithology , food lovers, the dreamers , the hard-core hikers, architecture buffs , musicians of all stripes , watercolor artists , the joyful lazy , poets, children ...