Bahya Deco

Some Tips

Laying and upkeep advice

If the laying regulations are simple, we advise you to call on an experienced professional. They can then adapt the technique (traditional or stuck layout) to the initial floor (parquet, heating floor, plaster ...) and to meet the required use (shower wall, patio ...).

They can also produce very thin and elegant seals. They will then finish the work by sealing the pores with a water and oil-repellent wax that will prevent future stains.

General upkeep can be done with greasy soap (Marseille soap and black soap for example), diluted with hot water. Be careful: do not use strong, acid or alkaline detergents. Bleach and hydrochloric are not possible either. Resistant stains can be reduced with a soft abrasive and soap. Do not hesitate to wax the surface once or twice a year in the passage places.