Bahya Deco

A New Look On Tradition

La Maison BAHYA was born after several trips to Morocco, where its creator found a rich culture, an enchanting lifestyle, an amazing handmade craft ...

She focused particularly on the manufacture of cement tiles: a unique material with a lovely sheen, a fine work that stands the test of time, a coating that enables a bold creativity ...

The collections, designed in Paris, are shaped by a contemporary flare and the quest for a timeless elegance: graphic lines, a definitive style, simple and delicate tones, that fit perfectly with urban interiors.

With other patterns, the colour sparkles, Oriental tints lead to a more unusual production, curved designs create a Bohemian appearance.

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La Maison BAHYA pays close attention to maintaining the heritage of a centuries-old hand-crafted tradition, whilst establishing itself in the modern day. Classical inspiration, modern influences, in order to dress urban apartments, but also country houses, shops, hotels and restaurants ... Invited into every room of the house, Bahya cement tiles can be laid on the floor, on the wall, on a large surface, but also as a frieze, or as a map, for different effects.